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All New Jersey Homeowners Can Now Go Solar, Regardless of Credit

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    Solar For Everyone Program

    The 2024 New Jersey Solar For Everyone Program provides New Jersey homeowners to go solar regardless of credit and a rapid approval process. The program takes advantage of the federal tax credits, state tax credits, rebates and private investments.

    Using a Reputable Solar Company

    Using a reputable, reliable, local solar installation company is critical. Utility Book works with trusted master electrician partners that use only American-made solar panels, provide quality workmanship, and include an iron-clad end-to-end warranty.

    Save Money on Your Utility Bill

    No matter what happens, you'll still pay your utility if you don't go solar. It could be the same amount next year or significantly higher; nobody knows, and no one can tell you. With Solar For Everyone Program, you get options with a low monthly payment, guaranteed savings, and no upfront out-of-pocket money needed.

    Need a New Roof? Need Battery Backup? Trees in the Way?

    Many homes need a new roof before going solar; sometimes, trees get in the way of direct sun exposure to your solar panels. Utility Book's trusted partners provide homeowners with options for new certified roof, battery backup solutions, electrical upgrades, repairs and tree removal and trimming services.

    Government, State Incentives and Private Investments

    Are Paying for Your New Home Solar System

    If you are a New Jersey homeowner, the new Solar For Everyone Program is worth looking into.

    The Federal Government Investment Tax Credit (ITC) entitles you to a 30% federal tax credit towards the cost of your new home solar system.

    + New Jersey pays homeowners approximately $85 for every 1,000 kWh their solar system generates. On average, homeowners earn from $10,000 to $15,000 over 15 years.

    + New York State pays homeowners earned income of 25% of the system cost, with a maximum of $5,000 per residence. (In your pocket.)

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      Utility Rates Are

      Out of Control

      New Jersey and New York utilities continue to increase their rates. – see the proof!

      PSE&G, JCPL, and ACE utility prices are all rising and out of control!

      NJ Spotlight News reported in a February 2024 article, “for Public Service Electric & Gas customers. The monthly bills will jump 4.8%” Click to read the full article

      NJ Spotlight News reported in a February 2024 article, “JCP&L reaches tentative settlement on spending for reliability upgrades—Jersey Central Power & Light residential customers will likely see their energy bills rise.” Click to read the full article.

      Central Hudson reported on July 31, stating, “The proposed plan includes a total increase of approximately 16% on the average residential electric bill and approximately 19% on the average natural gas bill.” Click to read the full article.

      CBS Channel 2 News New York reported on October 15th, 2023, “NYSEG announces electric rate hikes.” Click to read the full article.

      News 12 Westchester reported, “O&R: Utility bills could skyrocket up 44% this winter.” Click to read the full article.

      A New York Post July 2023 article reported, “New Yorkers could pay double for Con Ed gas, electricity by 2025 — and will see a steep 9% increase next month.” Click to read the full article.

      Eyewitness News abc7NY reported, “New Jersey customers could see 25% spike in energy bill.” Click to read the full article.

      Want more proof? Look at your electric bill.

      Insulate your home and family from outrageous utility costs by locking in your savings with the Solar Power Program.

      Advantages of the 2024

      Solar For Everyone Program

      The Solar For Everyone Program is available to New Jersey Homeowners:

      + Enables All Homeowners the Ability to Go Solar

      + Lock-In Low Energy Rates – Guaranteed Savings

      + No Credit Check, No FICO Needed

      + Rapid Approval and Installation

      + Purchase and Monthly Lease Programs Available

      + 25-Year Iron Clad End-To-End Warranty


      Homeowners Served


      Average Upfront Savings


      Average Lifetime Savings