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    Make the Right Decision When Considering Home Solar

    Many homeowners have considered switching to solar energy. Our mission is to provide homeowners with the facts about going solar. It all comes down to simple economics and selecting a reliable solar installation company with the right financial options and energy production guarantees.

    Take Advantage of Incentives and Rebates

    The federal and state governments pay for a very large portion of your home solar system when you own it. If you are a homeowner with taxable income, then owning a solar system is the way to go. There is also value in leasing a home solar system with the right financial product, depending on your situation. Utility Book’s mission is to align you with the most reliable residential solar installation companies in your area to get the best service at the absolute lowest price.

    Selecting a Reputable Solar Company

    Selecting a reputable installation company can make or break your savings. Dealing with a reliable local installation company can make a world of difference. Quality workmanship is and reliability is extremely important.

    Save Money on Your Monthly Utility Bill

    Before you switch to solar, make sure you lock into a low fixed monthly payment. If you choose to own the system, then eventually you will pay off the system and then you'll be receiving electricity at no cost. If you choose to lease the system, then you will be locking-into a low monthly payment.

    Quality Workmanship, Performance Monitoring, Warranty and Production Guarantee

    Quality workmanship means that the solar system is installed correctly with no issues for your roof. Reputable solar installation companies are backed by solid finance partners, insurance, warranties, roof guarantees, remote monitoring, and an ongoing energy production performance guarantee. Don’t settle for less!

    Government and State Incentives

    Are Paying for Your Home Solar System

    If you are a homeowner with any taxable income, owning a home solar system is the way to go. The federal government Investment Tax Credit (ITC) entitles you to a heavy tax credit that is based on the system cost. Certain states offer additional solar incentives. These programs are set up to pay you monthly for many years based on the energy that your home solar system produces.

    Homeowners can use their monthly incentive income to pay for their solar loan payment and pay next to nothing for electricity using state and government money. Once the system is paid off, you can say goodbye to electric bills for the home. When you pencil out the math, the federal government and state are ultimately paying qualified homeowners to go solar.

    You’ve worked hard and paid your taxes, so you’ve ultimately subsidized these federal and state incentives for everyone else.

    Check to see if your home qualifies—instantly! Cash-in on those solar incentives before they’re gone.

    Utility Book has got your back!

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      The Adoption and Future of

      Residential Solar

      Public and private utilities continue to increase their electric rates year after year. The utility infrastructure across the United States is built on fragile and outdated systems and electric lines. Rising utility rates and alarming super storms have accelerated the necessity for utility companies to increase electric rates to remain profitable for their shareholders.

      Locking into a fixed monthly payment with no money down is a great deal for homeowners.

      Don’t you think you’ll be charging your electric car at your home in a few years? See if your home qualifies right now!

      The Advantages of

      Going Solar

      Increase your property value by more than 5%+, reduce your tax liability, and help the environment. See how the sleek all-black panels lie close to the rooftop and really make a statement about good taste. Purchase, finance or lease your new home solar system, and look forward to a future with super low or no electric bills. Avoid rising energy costs, and stop making your utility company rich.

      Utility Book’s reputable solar partner network offers programs with zero money down, complete warranties on the solar panel products and systems, quality “white-glove” installation, ongoing maintenance, insurance, roof guarantees, production performance guarantees, and online system monitoring.

      Going Solar Makes Your Home Look Smart.

      Check Incentives. Calculate Savings. Compare Quotes.


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